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How to Make a Picture Transparent in Google Slides

Learn how to make images transparent in Google Slides with our step-by-step guide, perfect for presenters and designers looking to enhance their presentations with visually appealing effects.

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint: Supported Formats, Tips & Tricks

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint: Supported Formats, Tips & Tricks


What is a Personal SWOT Analysis (Quick Guide)

A personal SWOT analysis is a self-assessment tool used to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your abilities, as well as identify areas for personal and professional development. A personal SWOT analysis can be a valuable tool in finding a new job, during […]

How to Generate Leads with Your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations and any other type of slideshows are a great way to educate your audience and build a rapport with them. But if you aren’t taking steps to convert these impressions into leads, you are missing out on a ton of revenue.  Generating leads from presentations can seem like a complicated step, but it […]

Where to Find Free Essays Online: Open Libraries and Databases with Full-Size Samples

Read our guide on where to find free online libraries of academic papers and other resources with samples and tips.

Using the 10 20 30 Rule for PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

Ever wondered how many slides are optimum for a presentation, what duration should your presentation be, and what should be your font size? A famous American marketing specialist known as Guy Kawasaki came up with a set formula to determine all these factors. This is known as the 10-20-30 rule. If you are wondering how […]