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Animated dark branding PowerPoint template

Animated Dark Branding PowerPoint Template

There are not many PowerPoint templates that provide gothic or dark presentation themes. Animated Dark Branding PowerPoint Template is an exception. This template gives slides with an eerie feel. The template is perfect for making PowerPoint storyboards for sinister stories, Halloween presentations and even something a bit closer to reality such as COVID-19.

Animated circular diagrams for PowerPoint

Animated Spinning Wheel PowerPoint Template

Wheel or circular diagrams are often used to represent information in presentations. The Animated Spinning Wheel PowerPoint Template gives circular layouts with animated wheel designs. You can use these circular and wheel style diagrams to spin your data for a presentation with visually appealing graphics.

Vampire in COVID-19 mask

Halloween COVID-19 Clipart for PowerPoint

This is the first and hopefully the last Halloween that people will be spending under the clout of COVID-19. As Halloween celebrations begin, and children plan to go trick-or-treating, it is important to adhere to important COVID-19 precautions. This is why it is important to incorporate awareness related measures in Halloween presentations this year. Be […]

Spookfest autumn Halloween PowerPoint template

Spookfest Autumn Halloween PowerPoint Template

We have previously covered a number of Halloween presentation templates for PowerPoint for PC and Mac. Like each year, we have another animated Halloween PowerPoint template for you titled, Spookfest. With the Spookfest Autumn Halloween PowerPoint Template you get autumn and Halloween themed slides with attractive graphics and animated layouts.

Tech wire presentation template

Animated Circuit PowerPoint Template

If you want a PowerPoint template with an intricate design and animations that are elaborate enough to give that wow factor for your presentations, then you might be interested in the Animated Circuit PowerPoint Template.

Thought bubble PowerPoint clipart

Best Speak Clipart for PowerPoint

Many presentations require presenting a perspective from a point of view which can be easily explained using speech bubbles. This might include the use of a quote, a company policy, a theory, etc. You can use the Best Speak Clipart for PowerPoint given below to create interesting presentation slides to spell out key messages in […]


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