MashMeTV is a web service and free social video conferencing app for iOS which can be used for a variety of purposes; ranging from a heart to heart chat with your family members to professional interaction with your colleagues, business partners or employees.

MashMeTV Might Just Be Better Than Skype!

Beating Skype isn’t easy because of its Facebook integration, video call quality and other social features, however, one can find Skype too cluttered and less appropriate for professional meetings. This is where MashMeTV scores big time. It not only provides 10-way video conferencing but also integrates your text messages, with video and photo sharing utility and the option to present entire presentations from your iOS device or a browser. Moreover, it delivers features which Skype is not very useful for; namely, exchange of contacts, Whats App like features, Chat Rooms, Location Sharing and the ability to view videos together with your social contacts.


Watch Videos Together

Enjoy Group Chat in Private Chat Rooms

With MashMe you can not only perform a Group Chat using your iOS device but also share documents like PowerPoint presentations, send text messages with push notifications, stickers and emoticons, share multimedia content like photos and videos and perform audio and video chat. You can login to MashMe using a Facebook or Twitter account.

Login to MashMe

MashMe provides 2500MB of free storage and offers easy options for instantly starting our own chat rooms.



Create Unlimited Number Of Chat Rooms

One of the most unique features of this app is the ability to create an unlimited number of chat rooms. These chat rooms give an extra layer of privacy by enabling you to invite only certain people for group chats. This makes MashMe similar to web services like Meetingl, CamDip and BoostCam, while retaining features similar to conventional messengers like Skype and Google Hangouts. You can invite contacts in your private chat rooms quite easily via Email, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and direct link.

Invite Contacts For Group Chat

Watch Videos Together With Friends, Share Documents And Conduct Polls

This is another fine functionality which takes users beyond simple file sharing. You can watch YouTube and other types of videos directly from within MashMe and share your favorite content together with friends. This feature can also be useful for people willing to share important technical instructions and videos via MashMe. This can be done by using the options given at the bottom of the interface which allow:

  • Document Sharing
  • Co-browsing the internet
  • Blackboard for presentations
  • Google Maps integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Meeting Mode With large contact images
  • Polls

Watch Videos Together With Friends

MashMe is currently quite a young service however, it has very promising features and with a bit of support from end users it might end up becoming the app that becomes an alternative to Viber, Skype and Google Hangouts.

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