Most video conferencing services can be quite expensive to use and not everyone has a Skype account. This leaves very few options for conducting video conferences with friends ad family and most of them require an account (e.g. Google Hangouts requires a Google account). Previously, we reviewed a disposable video conferencing service known as BoostCam, recently we found a similar service known as CamDip. Using CamDip you can conduct group video conferences with friends, family members, colleagues or business partners without the need to sign up for an account. Like BoostCam it is a disposable video conferencing service, where you can interact with a group of people via private video chat and text messages. While CamDip cannot be used for sharing PowerPoint or other types of files during video conferences, however unlike Google Hangouts there is no limit to members for a group chat.


Instantly Begin Private Group Chat

CamDip is completely web based and therefore you can access it using an internet browser from a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. When you visit CamDip, a web app is instantly launched where you can either start a new Group (chat session) or provide a URL to join an ongoing chat session.


Start Group Chat

When you start a new session you are provided with a chat URL. You will have to share this URL with the people that you wish to invite to the chat.

Join Group

Audio, Video and Text Based Group Chat

Group members can click this link to enter your chat session for video/ audio and text based chat. It is worth mentioning here that users will require giving CamDip web app access to their microphone and cams. In case a user does not want to share his/her cam, they can still continue to chat with the group. You can even turn off video cam footage from a user manually.


Group Chat

The Verdict

CamDip is not only a very handy service because of its instant connectivity (without the need to sign up for an account) but also does not suffer from restrictions like user limit for chat sessions. This makes it more convenient to use than other web services like Google Hangouts, as the user requires no installation of an additional plugin and can have a group chat with an unlimited number of people. Moreover, the audio and video chat functionality is also quite flexible and interaction options aren’t limited if you don’t have a cam or microphone. This is because CamDip makes use of audio and text based chat, as well as video footage from cams.

Update: This link is no longer available (CamDip)