We’ve often been told by a bunch of people what to do about a presentation that will hit the spot and we do it all but still don’t deliver a hit. Ever wondered why? While we are busy doing the mumbo jumbo of making the perfect speech we tend to forget that we are missing out on the most important ingredient to deliver a hit speech- The Audience.

audience centric presentation


Your audience are the sole reason behind you even beginning to write a speech, it is because of them that you are getting on that stage and you can have the greatest speech written and well prepared in your hands but it won’t be successful unless you have made it completely audience centric. This is the easiest and yet the most difficult thing to achieve. Here are a few tips to ensure that your presentation hits the spot:

Tell the Audience the Point

This will make a lot of people angry but no one wants to see all those numbers that you’ve put up in a slide or hear about what an achiever you are, they want to know the “why” behind you doing something and the reason there is a rise or fall in those numbers. Give them reasons and they will be happy.

Start With a Good Template

Ditch the cheap default slides and add some zing your presentations. Using good slides will make you look professional and show that you have really put in some effort. Everyone is bored of the same old presentation slides and you will prove to be a breath of fresh air for your audience if you can add something fresh to your presentation. To make your presentations stand out, you can always make use of animations or Animated Templates.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Using visuals to help get your message across is the best thing you can do. Keep the text to a minimum and add pictures that are relevant to your topic. This will help you sail through your presentation without any troubles. Please ditch the clipart and use high quality pictures.


Big Text for Big Impact

Normally you would use text that is big so that everyone can see it, but if you really want your text to pop make it big- REALLY BIG! And see the difference that it makes.

Incorporating these few changes to your presentation will show the audience that you have taken extreme measures to make sure that they are comfortable and understand the presentation. Isn’t that the reason why you are making a speech in the first place?