When aware that the topic to be presented is boring, the presenter gets a little apprehensive; and the audience too enters with a somewhat inactive attitude. However, seldom do we realize that by adopting some interesting methods for presenting boring information, we can prove our skills as an adept presenter.

Mostly technical, finance and accounting related information, are deemed to be uninteresting; hence one needs to understand what to avoid and adopt for these types of presentation.


Interesting Methods For Presenting Boring Information

Here are some tips on how to present boring information in an interesting manner:

Attractive Introduction

You need not start with a joke every time, there are other ways too. For an impressive introduction, your enunciation skills should be at work. If you are too funny, the listeners might stop taking you seriously altogether; moreover at times there is no space for joking, pertaining to the audience you will be addressing.

What you can do is think of a different way to introduce yourself or the topic to the listeners. You can start by playing a video or sharing some interesting facts and information, related to the subject with them.


Weave A Tale

The skill of a storyteller does wonders in situations where boring information needs to be shared. A story always catches the attention of listeners and they will sit-up to listen to you. Moreover, you can easily weave information related to the topic around it, without losing the attention of your audience.

Maintain suspense so that the audience stays interested about, what’s in the hat?

Make The Presentation Conversational

If it is a one-sided conversation, there is no chance of it being interesting. In order to ensure that your listeners do not lose track of your words, ask them some interesting questions or have small discussions during the presentation.

Do Away With Loaded Text On Slides

The thought of reading huge paragraphs from slides is a turn-off for the audience. Your PowerPoint Presentation can be made interesting by inserting images, graphs and even videos. You can certainly put the text in bullet points but avoid reading from the slides, present information which has not been already shared.

As for graphs it is advisable to use pie-charts or bar graphs, for they present a clearer picture than others. In case of finance related presentations, you cannot help talking about sales and figures, but you can certainly ensure that the information being shared is not drudging for the listeners.