It often happens that one can end up missing out on some important detail during a Keynote or PowerPoint Presentation, webinar, conference or seminar. In such a case one may not be able to ask the presenter to repeat what he/she just said. Besides, it can be embarrassing and obtrusive to ask the presenter to repeat something that you failed to hear because your mind had wandered off elsewhere. A solution to this can be to record the entire session, which may mean hours of recording, which can be quite wasteful. HEARD is a free iPhone app that lets you go back in time to extract the audio for the last 5 minutes.


How Does HEARD App Work

Unlike conventional apps like Recordium, this app does not record audio of everything but instead it runs in the background and lets you decide if something should be saved, including content captured five minutes ago. Basically, HEARD starts a buffer period after it is launched. It records for the buffer duration and discards the rest of the recording, unless you specify it to save some parts of the recorded content. By default the buffer period is just 12 seconds, however, you can purchase a bigger audio buffer by making a $1.99, in-app purchase. The purchased buffer period is then enhanced to 5 minutes.

HEARD App Settings

Benefits Of Using HEARD App

Other than the aforementioned benefits, you can use HEARD during meetings and important events to quickly go back to what you’ve just heard, (up to 5 minutes), to understand the part you have missed. Other than the fact that one can appear obtrusive to ask the presenter to repeat what they just said, it is not possible for one to ask the boss every now and then to repeat what he just said. Moreover, missing out on an important instruction from your boss can easily land you in trouble, therefore, HEARD can help you overcome these problems and also avoid wasting your iPhone’s memory by loading it with junk recordings.

Record Audio

HEARD requires iOS version 5.0 or higher to work and has been optimized for iPhone 5. You can install Heard on:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

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