Recordium is a free iOS app, which comes with powerful features that provide high quality voice recordings on iPhone and iPad. This app can be used for highlighting tracks while playing or recording audio content. This can help you focus on the most important parts of your recordings. You can also annotate audio tracks with notes, tags, and pictures. Doing this can help you easily and quickly search your recordings to access important and highlighted parts of audio tracks.


Why Use Recordium?

Like Apple’s stock iOS Voice Memos, third-party iOS apps for audio recording are not very feature-rich. Interestingly, even the Cydia store seems vacant when it comes to good voice recording applications. Recordium therefore acts as a good video recording app as users can configure the format and sound quality for their audio recordings and also annotate them.



Record And Annotate Voice Recordings For Presentations And Learning Purposes

Whether you have recorded notes for a PowerPoint presentation or a lecture at class, you can use Recordium for record, annotate and even share your sound clips. As Recordium is a simple application, it does not require any sign up. Nonetheless, the app has plenty of options for recording and editing tracks. Furthermore, you can add a written memo, image or a custom tag to any point of a track to highlight a part of the recording.

Annotate Voice Recordings

This tool can also be helpful while preparing speeches and rehearsing your PowerPoint presentations. As you may know, the voice modulation is important while delivering your speech and have a special role, as well as the body language.


Trim And Edit Audio Recordings

Recordium also provides the functionality to trim or edit audio recordings. It offers smooth playback, and multiple options for managing the size and quality of your recordings, with the help of different compression algorithms.

Edit Audio

Share Audio Files Via Cloud Or Wi-Fi

The file management of this app is pretty handy, as you can share your sound clips via cloud services or by using Wi-Fi. The supported cloud services include; Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote.

Share Audio Files Via Cloud

Recordium works with all types of iDevices running iOS 5.0 or above. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. Recordium can be used with the following devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch (3rd-5th Generation)

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