Ever wanted to create your own comic books? How about comic book like images for PowerPoint presentations? Halftone 2 is an iPad app which comes loaded with Aviary’s image editor to help you create comics, beautiful collages and to enable you to edit your images in a fun way. You can use Halftone 2 for anything from making your own super hero comic book in iPad to retouching images for any purpose, be it a presentation, Facebook photo album or just to create interesting images out of your regular photos.

Halftone 2

Feature Rich Comic Strip And Collage Maker

Since Halftone 2 is quite a feature rich app, it comes with a detailed video tutorial to walk you through various features. To begin using this app, hit the Plus ‘+’ button from the main screen. This will create a new page, where you can add your photos.


Create Comic Strips

Setting A Background And Creating Comics in Halftone 2

Before you begin adding images, you might be interested in changing the background of your page. You can don this by tapping on any part of the empty area and selecting the ‘Edit page’ option. You can add various types of backgrounds, ranging from solid colors to predefined textures. Similarly, you can use templates, speech bubbles and stickers to further enhance your images.

Set Background

Import Images From Camera Roll, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram And Add Fun Effects

Halftone 2 has a wide range of options for adding photos. You can add photos not only from your iPad’s Camera Roll but also from Facebook, Flickr and even Instagram. You can use the in Aviary powered image editor with all kinds of images, including facial portraits and generic photographs. Whether you need the red eye removal tool, need to fix blemishes, wish to adjust focus, whiten your teeth in a photo, or want to add image effects, Halftone 2 has it all.


Make Fun Images

The Verdict

While Halftone 2 has many rich features for retouching images and creating interesting imagery, a lot of the functionality of this app is unfortunately dependent on in-app purchases. While the application itself is available for free, you will require in-app purchases to gain functionalities like captions, stamps, fonts, etc. However, if you don’t mind spending a few dimes on a good iPad photo editor, then Halftone 2 might be worth your money.

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