PowerPoint presentations are easy enough to make, however making them extra special requires the right blend of text and visually appealing content. This is why people look for PowerPoint templates that can suit their presentation requirements. If you are looking for some stunning PowerPoint templates, clipart or animated video backgrounds for creating a presentation that can instantly grab the attention of your audience, then you should pay a visit to PresenterMedia.com. PresenterMedia is a website that offers everything from attractive PowerPoint templates to other types of visually appealing content that can fulfill all your presentation requirements. The available content at this website can be used on a variety of platforms including Windows and Mac computers, as well as on iPad devices.

Free Presenter Media Templates

Animated And 3D PowerPoint Templates

At PresenterMedia you can download animated and 3D PowerPoint templates that are fully capable of making the most dull presentations as extremely attractive. These templates are available for a number of topics and many templates are generic enough to be molded according to almost any subject.


Animated PowerPoint Templates at PresenterMedia

PowerPoint Templates For All Kinds Of Presentations

As you can see from the below image, the SWOT Tool Kit Presentation at PresenterMedia provides an interesting aspect of the SWOT analysis by highlighting factors such as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in an interesting animation. Similarly, PresenterMedia templates come with elaborate slides on various topics that are suitable for business professionals, students, entrepreneurs,  managers, IT professionals and the like.

SWOT Tool Kit - A PowerPoint Template from PresenterMedia

Clipart And High Definition Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint Presentations

Other than animated PowerPoint templates, PresenterMedia also provides clipart and HD animated backgrounds for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, which can help you present your ideas with visually appealing and elaborative backgrounds and clipart. These HD backgrounds can be downloaded in a variety of formats including WMV, FLV, MOV and even PPTX.


Fireworks Celebration - A PowerPoint Template from PresenterMedia

Wide Range Of HD Animated Backgrounds And Clipart

Just like the diverse range of PowerPoint templates, the HD animated backgrounds and clipart at PresenterMedia can be used for any type of presentation. Whether you want to present your ideas in a light hearted way with some funny animations or want your presentation to be serious and precise, PresenterMedia can provide you with the most suitable content for your presentation.

HD Video Backgrounds at PresenterMedia

PresenterMedia Add-in For MS PowerPoint

PresenterMedia also has a PowerPoint add-in that can be used to download content from the website directly from within PowerPoint. With the help of this add-in you can have an unlimited number of customizable templates and  animated backgrounds at your disposal in just a few clicks.

PresenterMedia PowerPoint templates Add-in

You can opt for a 1 year subscription at PresenterMedia for as low as $59.95 USD or a one month subscription for just $39.95 USD. By becoming a premium member at PresenterMedia you can download an unlimited number of Free Presenter Media Templates and other types of media content required for presentations.

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