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How To Create Animated Billboard in PowerPoint

Billboards are meant to attract the attention of people on the road to advertise products and services, to send out a social message or to campaign for a cause. There is no reason why you can’t use billboards the same way in your presentations. In this tutorial we will show you how to create an […]

Animated Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Having useful clipart and icons at your disposal can help you create more professional looking presentations, especially animated clipart. Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint does not offer very attractive clipart from its Office library; however, there are third-party sources like Presenter Media which offer some extraordinary animated clipart and icons for PowerPoint, which can be downloaded as […]

Gauge ToolKit Provides Animated Gauges For PowerPoint Presentations

The use of animated graphics in PowerPoint presentations can make your slides extremely eye-catching. Sometimes presentations require a demonstration of a subject using animated graphics like gauges. The Gauge Toolkit by Presenter Media comes with many customizable gauges, dials and meters. You can easily customize these gauges and use the slides for your PowerPoint presentations.

Get Animated PowerPoint Templates For Stunning Presentations At PresenterMedia

PowerPoint presentations are easy enough to make, however making them extra special requires the right blend of text and visually appealing content. This is why people look for PowerPoint templates that can suit their presentation requirements. If you are looking for some stunning PowerPoint templates, clipart or animated video backgrounds for creating a presentation that […]

How to add Animated Transitions to PowerPoint Slides

In this tutorial we will explore using slide animation transitions for your project. Animation transitions are used when your PowerPoint project moves from one slide to the next. First select the Transitions tab. From the start you’ll see several of the most used transitions. You can select one of these or press the drop down […]

How to Create SmartArt Animation in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to easily and quickly animate any object in your presentation. Objects include images, charts, shapes, text, and SmartArt. Animations may also contain sounds. The following directions will explain how to use the animations that are built into PowerPoint and you can animate each part of the diagram or graphic to make it […]

Mastering Animations in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial we’ll briefly look at a few of the more useful PowerPoint animations for your presentation. First we’ll need shapes or text for the presentation. Once you have whatever it is you’d like to animate, select it and click on the Animations tab. Immediately you’ll notice a default selection of animations. These are […]