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Arrow Design PowerPoint Template

Arrow themed templates are often used in presentations for creating diagrams and illustrating various types of models. The Arrow Design PowerPoint Template is a customizable premium template which can be used for creating arrow themed slide decks. You can edit the slide elements and fashion your presentations using animated slides.

Animated Money Templates For PowerPoint

Money is often the central theme of financial presentations, be it a quarterly financial report, business plan, corporate meeting or an academic presentation related to business. Presentation templates which depict money can help you project your content in a more interesting manner by presenting a perspective with some visual aid. We have a list of […]

Animated PowerPoint Infographic Template With Circle Diagrams

You might have seen those circular diagrams of the ecosystem in a science book at school. Circle diagrams are often used for representing a number of key concepts related to topics tied to biology, business, sales, etc. Whether you need to create a diagram of a Product Life Cycle or want to present the food […]

Best Free And Premium PowerPoint Timeline Templates

Back in the day making a PowerPoint timeline was quite a hassle, however, timelines in PowerPoint can now be easily created using the Office Timeline Add-in or with the help of readymade PowerPoint Timeline Templates.

PowerPoint Template With Thief Running Across Rooftops in HD Animation

Presenter Media is well-known for coming up with innovative PowerPoint Templates, clipart and video backgrounds. Thief Text is yet another amazing video background by Presenter Media which can also be downloaded as an Animated PowerPoint Template with thief animation. The video animation can be customized with a specific text before downloading it which can include […]

Animated Molecules PowerPoint Template

Business and science based presentations both often require the demonstration of different groups working together. This can be simulated in the form of a network for easy comprehension by the audience, using appropriate templates. The below templates show a network of connected molecules, which can be used for different presentation topics for both professional and […]

Awesome 3D Crossword PowerPoint Template

Create Your Crossword is an Animated PowerPoint Template for making presentation slides using editable crossword puzzle templates. This Crossword PowerPoint template features a wide range of crossword puzzle sizes in the form of slides, which can be changed in shape, size and color, with custom text, logo, clipart and videos.

Notepad PowerPoint Template With Turn Page Animation Effect

Animation effects can always bring your presentations to life, especially if they can bring something novel an eye-catching to presentation slides. While age of paper may be nearly over, using a notepad like animated template might still be a fresh way of presenting your ideas. Notepad Page Turn Toolkit is a fully editable PowerPoint Template, […]

Animated Back To School PowerPoint Template

Summer vacations are over and it’s time to head back to school. If you’re a teacher you may require creating academic presentations for students, whereas students may need some useful PowerPoint Templates to make presentations of their own. Below is an overview of two educational templates, namely; the Educate Me and Back To School PowerPoint […]

Animated Executive Education PowerPoint Template With Pencil

School time is over and its time to tell your teachers what you’ve been up to during the summer season. In many schools and colleges, it is quite likely that students may be asked to create presentations about their summer activities. In such a case you can demonstrate your hobbies and summer activities with the […]

Premium And Free Renewable Energy PowerPoint Templates

Renewable energy is a topic which can often be difficult to elaborate in the form of PowerPoint Presentations. This is why having a few renewable energy templates and video backgrounds can help you express your views with the help of some nice graphics and video animations. Below are some Renewable Energy PowerPoint Templates which can […]

Awesome Technology PowerPoint Templates With Tablet Design And Animations

While the PowerMockup add-in provides a wide range of options for making comprehensive UI designs, you can also use Animated PowerPoint Templates to get the job done. Tablet Toolkit is a Technology PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media for making presentations and user interface designs related to tablets.