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Download free graphs and charts for PowerPoint presentations.

Best Free Graph Makers & Online Drawing Tools

Many of us are increasingly shifting our activities from laptops and desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. Many people use their mobile devices to check and respond to emails, social media accounts and even to do a bit of office work. Despite the leaps in technology, the transition at best has been slow. This is […]

Animated Graph Template For PowerPoint

Charts and diagrams form an important part of professional presentations where one might require projecting trends, forecasts and technical models. The Graph Chart Trends Animated Template for PowerPoint can be used for projecting trends using animated, editable charts and diagrams.

Best PowerPoint Templates With Charts And Graphs

Charts and graphs can not only be essential but unavoidable at times when making presentations. Making use of charts and graphs using editable presentation templates can save you a lot of time, as you can quickly create presentation slides with relevant data and avoid worrying about making your charts look visually appealing. Here are a […]

Animated Graph Maker Template For PowerPoint

Graphs despite being an important aspect of many presentations can also result in death by PowerPoint, i.e. you might end up boring your audience to death if your graphs aren’t good enough. However, making a graph interesting isn’t easy. After all, it is just a visual representation of statistical data. One very effective method by […]

Display Graphs As Infographics With Graph Blocks Template For PowerPoint

The Graph Blocks Template for PowerPoint is a brilliant option for all those users who are looking to present their graphs with the help of animations and attractive graphics. This animated template comprises of infographic like slides that offer a new approach towards presenting bar charts. It also provides editable sample slides with layouts which […]

How to Make Bar Graphs in PowerPoint 2010 using Excel Data

As a presenter, you probably use charts in your presentations. Charts display data in a visual format that audiences can easily grasp. The quality of good chart is that it shows only the data necessary to make the desired point clear – no less, no more. Too much data will overwhelm your audience, blunting your message. […]

How to Make a Gantt Chart in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial we will create a quick Gantt Chart in PowerPoint. A Gantt Chart is a horizontal chart that shows project progress over time. They can show weeks, months, or even years. First go to Insert, Chart, and then Bar. The best to use for Gantt Charts are 2-D bars or 3-D cones, we’ll […]