Design graphics might seem like a very difficult thing to do for an average presenter who may not have the necessary skills to work on PhotoShop or Adobe After Effects for designing static or motion graphics. However, there are some interesting iOS apps that can help you design graphics using basic elements.

Easily Create Graphics, Logos & Scenes

Assembly is an excellent app for iOS which enables creating graphics, logos and videos using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. The app provides some very rudimentary options that can help you create a good looking graphics for your projects; be it PowerPoint presentations, screencasts, scenes or a logo that you might be looking to design for your startup.

Assembly app for iPhone and iPad

Create Graphics Even if you’re not an Expert Designer

The app starts with a basic overview of how to make graphics with the given options. You can see the given tutorials to learn all about how to use this app for making your own graphics, logos and scenes.

Getting started with Assembly app

Start with Readymade Designs

The app gives some readymade designs to get you started. You can always opt for starting from scratch; should you choose to create a graphic completely on your own.


Use readymade templates to design graphics

Drag and Drop Shapes & Add Text to Create Graphics

You can drag and drop shapes, add text and background colors, as well as rearrange the inserted objects by using various features given within the app. Once a shape has been added, you can tap on it to reveal additional settings to duplicate, resize, combine, intersect and flip it (among other features).

Create graphics with drag and drop

Save Graphics & Create Screencasts

You can save your graphic as a static PNG, Vector Graphic (SVG) or PDF file. Additionally, you can save your entire editing process screencast to video or order a T-Shirt for your created graphic. Whatever taps you perform in making your graphic are recorded, which can be later exported as an MP4 video file.

Save graphics as image or video

Create Graphics for Presentations

You can do a lot with this simply app and even insert your graphics to presentations. Furthermore, you can even create design tutorials or montages by saving your entire graphic making process as a video file.

Graphic made using Assembly app for iOS

Making Graphics with Assembly App

Here is a demo from the developer which shows how you can make graphics using Assembly.

Assembly is a free app, with options for in-app purchases. This however, does not mean that the app is redundant without in-app purchases, since there is a lot that you can do with the given options for making graphics on an iPad or iPhone device.

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