If you have number of pages of content in Microsoft PowerPoint, you will wish to insert a table of contents. If made correctly, the table of contents page will list all the pages or sections, according to your requirements in your PowerPoint presentation. This gives your audience an idea of what the presentation is all about prior to starting. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and select the ‘Home’ Tab. User will have access to a number of functions, including the ‘New Slide’ command. Click the drop down box for ‘New Slide’ and choose the ‘Title and Content’ option. This will create a new page in PowerPoint presentation.

Create Table of Content in PowerPoint Presentation

First, select all the slides on the left pan that you wish to insert in the summary slide or table of content. If you have a small number of slides then you may wish to choose all the slides for the table of content, however if you have so many slides then maybe you have chapter slides or sections so you can use only these to add in the chapter table of content.
insert table content powerpoint

Summary Slide feature is removed from PowerPoint 2010 and now Microsoft propose to include the chapter and table of content manually, copying the slide titles from the slide sorter. Remember, you can download free Microsoft PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for your presentations.