It’s quite likely that you might have stumbled upon promotional videos on YouTube which come with some nice animated characters and a typical upbeat background score. Interestingly, making such promotional videos or online presentations is easier than you might think. PowToon is a web service which offers readymade animated templates and a range of useful features to help you create video animations and animated presentations in no time. Using PowToon is as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation.

After using PowToon you might realize that many promotional videos floating online are in fact made with this web service. This is because PowToon is extremely easy to use and provides all the necessary tools to create a promotional video to advertise or sell a product and even to make online presentation with a touch of novelty and humor. To see what PowToon can do for you; sign up for a free account and click Start to launch the presentation wizard.



How To Create Animated Videos With PowToon

You can use PowToon either to create slideshows by using the Presentation Mode or opt for the Movie Mode to create video presentations with animations. To demonstrate the process for making animated videos, we will use the Movie Mode to show you how to create a video clip with PowToon.

Create Animated Presentations With PowToon

Select A Presentation Style

After selecting a presentation mode, you will be asked to pick a preferred presentation style. The available styles can be used for making a diverse range of video animations, for example, the Picto mode can be used for making animated videos with in black characters. Similarly, the Label style is suitable for making brand advertisements and promotional videos.


Presentation Style

Select A Readymade Template

In the next step, select a ready-made template to create your video clip. Alternatively, you can use a Blank template to create a video from scratch.

PowToon Templates

The available templates provide numerous slides to give you a head start in making your presentation. Even if you start from scratch you can easily create a video clip using text, animated characters, background styles and more.


Create PowToon Video Clip

Upload Video Clips To YouTube

After your video clip is ready you can download the video, upload it to YouTube or share it across Facebook.

Upload Video To YouTube

The free version of PowToon can be used for testing out the service as it comes with a number of limitations. However; you can use the free version to get a good idea about the utility of the service before upgrading your account.

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