Many presenters are famous for presenting Live presentations. Then there are people who simply like going viral by doing something out of the box by broadcasting it via the Internet. Here are a few of the Best Live Streaming Platforms for going viral that you can use to create a buzz online.

1. YouTube Live

If you want to go Live, this is the easiest and cheapest way of doing it. YouTube Live can not only be a great way of reaching a global or regional audience with little effort or expense, but it can also help you reach more people than other platforms allow. You can start a Live stream or create an event for going low. If you opt for the former, using the Stream Now option, you can instantly begin a Live stream. On the contrary, you can setup an event, with more control over streaming, with the utility to configure your Privacy settings, enable a backup stream, as well as conduct multiple events at the same time.

2. Facebook Live

If you’re a Facebook user, you’re already familiar with this option. Anyone can instantly go Live using the Live streaming option. Facebook Live is available for all pages and profiles, as well as for Android and iOS apps for Facebook. If you have a sizeable number of followers on a Facebook page, you can setup an event and go Live to create a buzz anytime.


3. Periscope

Periscope is one of the most famous Live streaming services, and is a favorite for many viral presenters. In fact, it can perhaps be deemed as the pioneer service that made Live streaming famous for common users. Periscope has apps for iOS and Android, which can help you instantly go Live and broadcast yourself in an instance.

4. StreamingVideoProvider

StreamingVideoProvider is one of the most complete online video platforms. The platform offers a full suite of products and services that helps in reducing the cost associated with publishing delivery and monetizing video across multiple devices.

StreamingVideoProvider also provides white-hat solutions to partners around the globe. This enables partners to embed the solution on their own websites, with their own brand, language, and price structure.

5. Stringwire

If you come across a story, you can stream it Live via Stringwire. Some stories even get picked by NBCUniversal news broadcast. Stringwire is another great service for going Live and broadcasting yourself online to go viral or make some noise. Unlike other streaming services, Stringwire is more news oriented and meant to help people report important events as they happen. Like most streaming apps, Stringwire has apps for Android and iOS.


6. Livestream

Livestream is a premium service which can be great for broadcasting Live events in high quality. Livestream allows streaming content via the Internet using a camera and computer. Livestream can be used for anything from broadcasting a webinar to catching up with stakeholders remotely via a Live stream. This premium service offers a number of solutions that small, medium size and even fortune 500 companies can use to create Live streams that best suit their requirements.

The above mentioned are a few of many Live streaming platforms that you can use for going viral or presenting your content online. We picked the ones we thought would be more convenient, with a mix of services that can help cater for a diverse range of readers. We hope you would find our recommendations useful in creating your own viral video broadcasts in the near future.