Traffic is symbolic for a lot of things, be it road safety, accidents, incoming ships to a dock, the number of logged in users to a network, etc. This is why using an Animated PowerPoint Template might make it easier to present traffic related trends in a presentation. Whether your presentation is about the road or cars or related to a topic where the term ‘traffic’ may imply something else, you can use the animated roads and cars PowerPoint Templates mentioned below to make your presentations more interesting.

Freeway Frenzy PowerPoint Template

This animated template for PowerPoint provides an animation of cars moving across a freeway. This animation can be used as an introductory slide in presentations and customized with the presentation’s title and a custom logo.

Freeway Frenzy PowerPoint Template

The introductory slide is followed by various sample slides that can be edited to add your own content for making interesting and eye-catching presentations with some nice animations, clipart, charts and statistics, as well as SmartArt Graphics and various types of diverse layouts.

Freeway Frenzy PowerPoint Clipart

This template is compatible with PowerPoint versions for both Windows and Mac and you can also download a Keynote version for it.


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Oncoming Traffic PowerPoint Template

The Oncoming Traffic Template for PowerPoint is another good template related to cars, traffic and automobiles. The opening slide provides an animation of incoming traffic, which can be not only used for making road and automobile related presentations but also to show incoming traffic in a symbolic way (e.g. network traffic or routing).

Oncoming Traffic PowerPoint Template

This template also comes with several diverse layouts ranging from clipart slides, editable charts and tables, to animated content, bulleted and picture layouts.

Oncoming Traffic PowerPoint Pie Chart

This template is available in both standard and widescreen format from the Presenter Media link given below.

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Animated Roads And Cars Clipart

You can also download animated clipart related to roads, cars and traffic from Presenter Media. The animated clipart is available in different image and video formats and can also be customized according to your preferences.

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Animated Roads And Cars Clipart