Many presenters like to start their presentation with a quote. Adding a quote can help set the tone for the topic ahead and also provide some words of inspiration for an audience. The Animated Quote Haven PowerPoint Template is an elegantly designed PowerPoint presentation template with slides for displaying quotes. You can not only use this template for creating slides with quotes but also create an entire presentation with it in a layout which depicts text in attention grabbing layouts.

Animated Quote Haven PowerPoint Template

Highlight Text Using Beautiful Backgrounds

This entire template has been designed in such a way as to highlight text amidst beautiful backgrounds. The layouts are similar to inspirational quotes found online with scenic backgrounds. The template is generic and can be used for any presentation topic.


Inspirational Slide Design

While the background given for each slide is quite elegant, you can also replace the background with an image, solid colors or texture. The text-boxes have been designed in such a way as to provide the presenter with the opportunity to use smaller blocks of text to get a message across to an audience. However, you can add as much text as needed to each slide.

Quote Haven PowerPoint Template

Slides with Prearranged Animations

This PowerPoint template provides multiple backgrounds to help presenters choose from a number of elegant backdrops for highlighting their content. The template is also animated, making it possible for you to highlight your text with prearranged animations amidst professionally designed slides. Anything you add to the slides will automatically be emphasized with the aid of the animated slide designs. You can preview everything as a slideshow to see how your content and the prearranged animations work together.


  Add Quotes to Slides

Available for both Windows and Mac variants of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download this template and preview its slides from the product page.

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