School time is over and its time to tell your teachers what you’ve been up to during the summer season. In many schools and colleges, it is quite likely that students may be asked to create presentations about their summer activities. In such a case you can demonstrate your hobbies and summer activities with the help of various PowerPoint Templates, like the Timeline Toolkit, World Map Template (to show where you’ve been for vacation) and the Executive Education Pencil PowerPoint Template.

Executive Education Pencil PowerPoint Template

Animated Template For Educational Presentations

This Animated PowerPoint Template comes with images that we have been missing in the digital age, including books, and pencils. The Executive Education PowerPoint Template is suitable for all kinds of audience and can be used for anything from PowerPoint Presentations for your next college assignment to presentations for kindergarten children, (such as presentations made by primary teachers).


Animated Template For Educational Presentations

Editable 3D Charts For Business And Educational Presentations

The template not only provides funny animated characters but also delivers statistical charts for more sober presentations. These charts like all sample slides are quite editable and you can add your own data to instantly populate the charts. Other than educational use, you can also use this template for displaying business statistics.

Editable 3D Charts

Useful Sample Slides, Images And Clipart

There are various sample slides within this template to help end users fashion a presentation to suit their needs. the sample slides are quite generic and can be used for presentations related to various topics. The sample slides can be changed by adding your own text, images and videos and by adding the exiting objects, which are highly editable.


Useful Sample Slides

This template also provides clipart and images which can be used in slides by copying/pasting them to other slides. You can not only use the different sample slides to create a comprehensive presentation but also use the template for copying specific slides and objects from it to create your own slides from scratch.

Also see the Free Pencil Shape PowerPoint Template and the Free Pen PowerPoint Template.

clipart and images

You can download this PowerPoint Template from the Presenter Media link given below. The Executive Education Pencil PowerPoint Template works with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2010 and 2007 (PPTX For PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (PPT for PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 (PPTX For Mac)

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