The World Map Toolkit is an Animated PowerPoint Template that offers a map of the whole world with attractive graphics and a wide range of customization options. Available in both Standard and Widescreen format, the Widescreen World Map Toolkit Template for PowerPoint is ideal for business presentations related to sales, marketing, target market display, etc. You can also use this template for academic purposes or to show your research during a seminar or convention (e.g. during an event organized by an NGO).



Fully Customizable Sample Slides

The slides in this template have been designed to be generic enough to be molded into any kind of presentation. The World Map Toolkit is fully customizable and you can add and edit the available sample slides to add animations, text, graphics, etc.

Map of The World

Editable Vector PowerPoint Shapes For Countries

The countries in the Widescreen World Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint are available as Editable Vector PowerPoint shapes, which means that you can remove and edit them as per your liking. For example, you can change the color and size of countries, remove countries to narrow down your map to a specific region, copy/paste countries between slides, as well as add transitions and animations to slides to suit your presentation requirements.

Fully Customizable Sample Slides


Create Animated Presentation Maps On PC Or Mac

To make animated presentation maps simply select an object from a slide and select an animation from the Animations tab in PowerPoint, it’s that simple! You can also copy only parts of the map and create entirely new slides from scratch. Furthermore, you can add images, demographic or sales data, charts, text and transitions to further customize your presentations (on a PC or Mac).

Animate Slides

The World Map Toolkit can be downloaded from the Presenter Media website, by signing up for a subscription. Presenter Media offers loads of visually appealing Animated Templates for PowerPoint and Keynote, as well as Animated Clipart and HD Video Backgrounds. This Template works with major versions of PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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