Considering a controversial topic to be a battlefield of words, where you can go out and declare your personal opinion is the biggest mistake a presenter can ever commit. Because ethically speaking, argumentative topics are meant to arouse the conscience of spectators, besides clearing their misconceptions.

No matter what type of audience you are addressing, take these as an opportunity to educate people and share a general perspective about the topic of discussion. Furthermore, if you want to strike a chord with your readers, you must know how to differ writer’s opinion from well researched credible facts.

How To Write An Effective Argument On Controversial Topics

In the following text, we are highlighting a few essential tips on effectively writing arguments in support of controversial topics so that you can completely engage your audience.

  • Investing in the ‘Power of Facts’: In general, this category comprises of topics like adoption, animal charities and testing, genetic cloning, etc. People are often aware of such topics; so employ a combination of facts and ideas to persuade them to agree with your argument.
  • Audience is not to be fooled: Never underestimate your readers to be a bunch of fools. Thus, instead of preaching, lay your focus on debating. Use strong, valid points to substantiate your perspective and clearly understand the essence of every single word you mention.
  • Raising Questions: Be it presentations or essays, make every bit of your script thought provoking. For this, it is wise enough to incorporate reasonable questions in support of your arguments. Even some of the market reports show that questions embark upon the interest of both the presenter and listeners.
  • Style of your presentation matters: Once you are done with data collection, the focus eventually shifts to organization of information. For written essays, you can use bullet points or short paragraphs highlighting the statements in favor of or against the topic. As for presentations and speeches, it is always beneficial to add a touch of humor. But keep an eye on the fact that you do not hurt the sentiments of any community or individual.
  • Conclusion can prove to be a ‘Game Changer’: Besides your introductory lines, the second most influential part of any presentation is the concluding paragraph. So, try to summarize it with a call to action statement, which is an awesome technique to encourage your audience to think and possibly change their opinion.

Always remember that writing is a medium via which you can give permanent visibility to your thoughts. So, pay thorough attention to the aforementioned points and write an essay that is thought provoking for your readers.