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Animated Reading Exploration PowerPoint Template

Getting lost in a book is like exploring a new world altogether. When reading a story you can often hide from all your worries and find a new parallel universe where you can live through adventures, explorations and mystery. Then there are journals, encyclopedias and other educational books which show us new frontiers of exploration and […]

Top 7 Controversial Essay Topics Of 2013

Controversial topics make many people run away from those serious discussions but if handled correctly these can be a gold mine of conversation for all. This is because such topics not only catch the interest of the audience but also make them familiar with the present situations of the world.

How To Write An Effective Argument On Controversial Topics

Considering a controversial topic to be a battlefield of words, where you can go out and declare your personal opinion is the biggest mistake a presenter can ever commit. Because ethically speaking, argumentative topics are meant to arouse the conscience of spectators, besides clearing their misconceptions.