You may come across a question that Why Gestures an Important Portrayal of Personality and How to Use Gestures during a Presentation? The answer is very simple.

It is important to use gestures while presenting yourself as it helps in producing right words, however they also convey your message more clearly, there are three important tools your fingers, arms, hands that you can use in your speech, formal presentation or informal talk. These gestures helps in portraying your personality and also help you to deliver it confidently that reflect in your words. But your gestures must be specific than generic.

It will not be wrong to say Gestures speak.

Here we will discuss 8 major gestures to consider:

  • Be genuine. First thing you have to learn is to be real in your speech. Try to avoid gestures for the sake of just doing it. Add them when required.
  • Must stand while delivering your Speech. When you plain to discuss any essential point then try to stand near your listeners or where your audience can see you clearly.
  • Leave your glasses, your hair alone and your papers on its position or may be on the table. Leave and don’t play with them. It will ultimately leave your audience distracted.
  • Make an eye contact. When you are delivering your presentation, you have to make sure that your audience can see you and what you are saying. If you are even walking around, still they must see you properly.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary walk. It looks really irritating; your audience may get distracted.
  • Avoid useless movements. Regardless of what message you want to convey if you do unnecessary movements you may lose interest of your listeners.
  • Avoid the game of hide and seek. Stop it. Stop hiding your body parts such as face, arms, hands, fingers etc. Also avoid standing behind the table or rolling chair.
  • Do not avoid answering their questions. Because when you present something your audience must have different queries so it becomes important to answer them. So you must practice your presentation well and answer them with a smile. Don’t touch your hair while answering. Be confident and clear. Don’t act weird.

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Try out these steps. They will surely help you to know how you should use  gestures.