With the exception of certain apps like Layrs, most iOS photo editors come with lack luster and basic photo editing features. This means that you are quite unlikely to give your images a unique or refreshing look using conventional photo editing apps. Even the ones who do offer elaborate features can be a bit complex to use. Wheel is a free iOS app which brings a fresh new way of adding Photo Effects On iPhone and iPad devices.

Spin The Wheel To Switch Between Photo Effects

With the unique interface of Wheel, you can add photo effects by automatically picking a combination of various filters and adjustments. With Wheel, editing your images is literally as easy as spinning a wheel (loaded with photo effects)! The interface of this app comes with a wheel that can be spun to switch between a combination of effects and filters.


Spin The Wheel To Switch Between Photo Effects

Add Multiple Effects To Photos By Shaking Your Device!

You can add multiple filters to photos, save them to the camera roll and even share them online. You can shake your iOS device for thousands of filter combinations to create unique new images out of your ordinary photos. Being a blogger I often require reusing images, however, uploading them with the same old look isn’t something that would look very professional. Apps like Wheel provide the flexibility to retouch old images to give them a unique look so that they may be appropriately used across blogs, PowerPoint Presentations and for fun purposes, like sharing them on your Facebook Timeline.

Add Multiple Effects To Photos By Shaking Your Device

Shaking your iDevice triggers Wheel to apply a random combination of filters and auto-adjusts your image. You can further edit your photos by changing the different properties of the image by moving the wheel. Changes to images can be undone by long-pressing the photo and dragging your finger downwards.


Shake iPhone to Add Effects

You can also reset your images to remove all filters. After you are satisfied with the result for an image, tap the knob located at the bottom of the interface. Wheel allows you to share your images across Facebook, Twitter and by Email.

Wheel App For iOS

Wheel has been optimized for iPhone 5 and works with devices running iOS 4.3 or later, including the following:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

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