Wedding ceremony speeches have been an integral part of marriage receptions ever since we all remember. But have you ever given thought to the reason behind this concept? Well, if not, then here is the answer. Actually, wedding is the most special day of a person’s life. And, the ceremonial speech acts as a souvenir to highlight the union of bride and groom.

Though there is no official restriction as such, but usually this auspicious occasion includes speeches from- groom, father of the bride, best man and the maid of honor. The main aim of this speech is to share beautiful thoughts about the couple, so as to cheer up the whole moment.

Interesting Wedding Ceremony Speeches

But there are many of us who are afraid of giving a speech, especially if asked to do so, on the spot. For all those people, although there is no set recipe for interesting wedding ceremony speeches but, there are a few basic things that can be kept in mind. These primarily comprise of:

  • Speak from your heart: Every single word you speak must come directly from your heart. So there is no need to fake anything rather, keep it simple and casual. Although it should be impersonal but, if you are very close to the couple then, you can obviously share a few good memories of your togetherness.
  • Focus on couple: Do not forget that all those celebrations are meant for the couple. So while giving your speech, you must primarily concentrate on them. But, whatever details you quote have to be appropriate.
  • Audience is important: It cannot be denied that the speech is intended towards reliving the cherished moments. However, make sure that the audience does not feel secluded. Try to create a loop, with audience being an integral part of it.
  • Being precise is the key: Do not forget that your speech is a hindrance amidst all the celebrations. Therefore, give a small speech keeping in view the time constraint. But it should neither be so small that the guests are left asking for more, nor should it be so long that they get bored.
  • Healthy humor is good: If there are certain humorous instances that you want to share with everybody else then it is good. But, always keep an open eye on the fact that you do not offend the sentiments of others.

Always remember that your speech should add and never detract from the whole mood set on the wedding day. So, be confident and just go for it.