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Animated Supply Chain Presentation Template For PowerPoint

For presenters looking to describe or discuss the supply chain, making elaborate diagrams can be a bit cumbersome. The use of infographics or supply chain themed clipart can be an easier method for making such presentations, especially with the right template. The Animated Supply Chain Presentation Template for PowerPoint offers supply chain related sample slides, […]

Transport Truck Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Freight and transport related topics are best described with some visual aid. We have previously reviewed a number of transport presentation templates and clipart for PowerPoint for transport themed presentations. This time we have another such template which gives a video animation that you can customize with your custom text and logo.

Animated City PowerPoint Template

City themed presentation templates are commonly used for business presentations, such as for presentations about real estate, sales, marketing, construction, etc. The Animated City infographics Template for PowerPoint gives a wide variety of city illustrations depicting the hustle and bustle of a busy city life as well as clipart depicting vehicles, buildings and people.

Animated Truck PowerPoint Template

Animated Truck PowerPoint Template is a presentation slide deck with a video animation of a truck on the move. This template can be handy for presentation topics related to logistics, supply chain, transportation, business, marketing, traffic, freight, etc.

Animated Maritime Transport PowerPoint Template

Cargo shipments and maritime transport are subjects for which very few good animated templates are available. The Cargo Ship Animated PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with customizable infographic slides. The slides have been designed in such a way that you can use them for anything from making text-heavy slides to diagrams, illustrations and even […]