Freight and transport related topics are best described with some visual aid. We have previously reviewed a number of transport presentation templates and clipart for PowerPoint for transport themed presentations. This time we have another such template which gives a video animation that you can customize with your custom text and logo.

Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template with Custom Text

The Transport Truck Video Background Template for PowerPoint is a video background template which enables adding custom content within the animation to showcase your personalized message and branding. This animated template can be customized by adding your own text, logo, and shapes. Furthermore, you can also change the color of the elements within the sample given for editing.


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Once you have added your desired content to the video animation, you can download it as a PowerPoint or video file.



You can also customize the animation with overlay text. There are also placeholders to help you add some text beneath the video animation and you can also choose to add additional images and text to further customize the video animation.


Here is a sample animation we created using the customization options from the developer’s website. Basically, the animation shows a freight truck on the road. Your added customizations show up on the truck as the animation is played out in PowerPoint. As mentioned earlier, you can also choose to download this animation as a video file in three different formats.

Whether you are making a presentation related to freight, transport, trade, supply chains, or other business related topics, you can easily use this template to create professional looking slides with some visual appeal.


Go to Presenter Media – Transport Truck Video Background Template for PowerPoint


3D Dump Truck Clipart

this 3D clipart can be another good resource for you to create awesome presentations with the visual aid of high quality 3D truck clipart. You can even change the color of the truck via the download page. This 3D clipart also comes with a shadow effect, which can help add to the visual appeal of your slides and enable you to create more professional looking presentation content.

Go to Presenter Media – 3D Dump Truck Clipart


You can download a wide range of transport related video animations, PowerPoint templates and clipart form the Presenter Media website. For more details, check out the link given below.