City themed presentation templates are commonly used for business presentations, such as for presentations about real estate, sales, marketing, construction, etc. The Animated City infographics Template for PowerPoint gives a wide variety of city illustrations depicting the hustle and bustle of a busy city life as well as clipart depicting vehicles, buildings and people.

Move Objects to Reorganize the City Scene

This animated city PowerPoint template starts off with an animated title slide which depicts a city scene with placeholders for customizing the layout. You can add a title, custom text within billboards an even reorganize the city scene by moving around the clipart images of people, buildings, vehicles and billboards.


Animated city PowerPoint template

Recolor Slide Elements

You can recolor slide elements and edit them according to need using PowerPoint. There are tooltips given within slides to help you customize the given sample clipart. You can also insert additional slide elements to further customize the sample slide designs.

Recolor clipart in sample slides

Create Timelines, Roadmaps and Compare Subtopics

There can be a number of uses for the sample slides given in this template. For example, you can use the road illustrations for making timelines and roadmaps, as well as design your own diagrams, insert tables and charts or SmartArt to fashion your own unique layouts.

City infographic PowerPoint template


The individual clipart images can even be copied so that you may use them in other slides. The clipart in this template include images of aeroplanes, helicopters, cars, ships, male and female characters, buildings billboards, signboards, etc.

Copy clipart to create custom slide designs

Create Circular Diagrams and Infographics

Since this is an infographics template, you can use the sample content to easily create different types of infographics and even diagrams. The last few slides give infographic layouts which can also be suitably used for creating circular diagrams. The sample clipart can be copied and used for different slides to generate your own customized infographics to reflect data and trends.

Circular infographic slide

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