Cargo shipments and maritime transport are subjects for which very few good animated templates are available. The Cargo Ship Animated PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with customizable infographic slides. The slides have been designed in such a way that you can use them for anything from making text-heavy slides to diagrams, illustrations and even infographics.

Cargo ship slide for PowerPoint

Recolor, Readjust and Resize Slide Objects

You can recolor the given sample content in this animated maritime transport PowerPoint template to create charts and graphs to present important bits of data. Similarly, you can rear rage and resize objects to create infographics and to highlight sub-topics.


Recolor slides to create charts

Change Background for Sample Slides

There are various methods by which this animated template can be customized. For example, we changed the background of a slide to demonstrate how you can give sample slides a completely new look. This is a highly customizable template and the developers have made sure that end users can edit even the most basic slide objects with ease.

Change slide background

Create Custom Charts, Graphs and infographics

As mentioned earlier, making infographics using this template is easy. There are sample charts already available which can give you some ideas to go on with. You can recolor sample bar charts to present chunks of information or to create new charts. You can also add your own PowerPoint Charts in existing or new slides or add images to flare up the content.


Note: Make sure you run your slides as a Slide Show to preview them in the end to make sure that the animations have not been affected with your changes.

Cargo ship chart layout

This animated cargo ship template has versions for PowerPoint and Keynote apps for mac and iPad.

Go to Presenter Media – Cargo Ship Animated PowerPoint Template (Standard)


Go to Presenter Media – Cargo Ship Animated PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Cargo ship infographics

Cargo Ship with Shipping Containers Clipart

This static image shows a cargo ship with containers and is available with a white and transparent background. This is one of many clipart images that you can download at Presenter Media. You can download the clipart in a custom resolution or in different standard resolutions provided on the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Cargo Ship with Shipping Containers Clipart

Cargo ship with shipping containers clipart