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Flaws in iOS 8.0.1

Never has a software rolled out without a bug or two and there have been very few updates in the history of our IT revolution that have proved to be as disastrous as the latest rollout from the house of Apple. Yes, the update of the latest iOS 8 that was named as the iOS […]

How To Bring Back Camera Roll in iOS 8

Many of you miss the camera roll scrolling in your iOS 8. Camera roll feature enabled the users to easily scroll through the entire album and view the pictures and videos on your iPhone in a simple way. But, in iOS 8, the camera roll feature was replaced with the “Recently Added” album which lets […]

All About What Apple TV Can Do For You

Apple has always been breaking barriers, revolutionizing the way technology interacts with us. One of the best things that apple did was launch the Apple TV. This beautifully crafted device works in a similar manner as any other media set top box but there is more to it that you can imagine. For people looking […]

How To Use IPhone To Deliver Mind Blowing Presentations

A good business presentation is must in order to accomplish your goals and reach new prospective and get potential customers. As the technology is advancing every next day, the ideas of delivering presentation are also evolving. These days, as every individual is aware of, the demand of Apple iPhone has been increasing and the developers […]

The Best Features Of iOS 8

Sometime back, Apple released the latest version of operating system for iPhone and iPad,  iOS 8, which went viral instantly. Majority of people have upgraded their iPhones to this latest version of operating system and are enjoying its amazing features. Apple has made a lot of advancements in this newest operating system but there are […]

The Best Accessories For Your iPhone 6

Whenever an iPhone is launched a whole new breed of accessories are born with it, Accessories that vary from amazing cases and covers to superbly crafted enhancements. The major reason this happens is than an iPhone is not just a phone it is a revolution in itself.

iOS 8 Vs Android Kitkat 4.4.4

The advent of Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices the ‘iOS 8’ has caused a new chitter chatter in the tech sphere with everyone trying to come at pace with all that it has to offer and a new set of comparisons between two of the operating system giants in the present day, Android KitKat […]

Should You Upgrade To iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the two phones that have been under constant speculation even before they were launched. Apple as we all know has been a brand that has received immense popularity in a short period of time and even though the tech specs might not rate very high like some of […]