Apple has always been breaking barriers, revolutionizing the way technology interacts with us. One of the best things that apple did was launch the Apple TV. This beautifully crafted device works in a similar manner as any other media set top box but there is more to it that you can imagine. For people looking to buy the device, the question might be, what Apple TV can do for you?

The Apple TV allows the users to make the most of media services that enhance the entertainment experience by leaps and bounds. Apart from streaming media files to your television screen the Apple TV allows the user to perform a multitude of functions that take it to a whole new level of awesome.

What can Apple TV do for you

Here is a list of the basic features of Apple TV to briefly explain what Apple TV can do for you.

Allows you to use your iPhone as a remote

When it comes to convenience, Apple has always taken it to the next level altogether. The user can easily synchronize his or her iPhone to the device and use it as a remote to switch between media content, channels and do everything that a TV remote does. All you need to do is synchronize the two devices.

Use your iTunes on a TV screen

Users can synchronize Apple IDs and use their iTunes accounts to stream media to a TV screen without having to go through the hassle of physically connecting the device to the Television set. The user can wirelessly play content on a TV screen if the two devices are synchronized together. Say goodbye to connectors and cables.

Play games using your Apple device as the controller

If you are a gamer or if you just like superb crisp graphics on a big screen, then this is the device that you definitely need to invest in. The Apple TV allows you to play games on your TV screen and that too using your Apple device as a controller. Cool just got cooler.