The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the two phones that have been under constant speculation even before they were launched. Apple as we all know has been a brand that has received immense popularity in a short period of time and even though the tech specs might not rate very high like some of the other phones, the iPhone is an addiction only an existing user understands.


iPhone 6


iPhone 6 versus iPhone 5S:

The biggest question that has been raised time and again, both before and after the launch of the newest model of Apple is whether one should upgrade to iPhone 6 or not? Let us now compare it to iPhone 5 and get a closer look at some of the things that the new phone does or doesn’t have.


The iPhone 6 has come out as a slimmer, softened around the edges version as compared to the slightly thicker iPhone 5S that had swept people of their feet when it came it beautiful gold, light and dark silver. While both the phones share almost all things, the biggie this year is the NFC that is now a part of the iPhone6.


Although the core technology seems to remain the same, the new iPhone has definitely increased the size of the screen, not large enough though. The pixels have increased by 38% but that doesn’t seem to change anything at all. Yes of course, the colors are brighter and the images sharper but that is mostly due to the change in the screen.


The camera remains the same in both phones and although the phone claims to have better sensor in its latest edition it is highly doubted that it will make a difference. What is new though is the phase detection that will now allow better, faster focusing. The Face Time front camera has been given importance that will let you take better selfies by getting in 81% better lighting.



The new iPhone has upgraded to a new generation of processor called the A8 which is going to increase the power of the CPU and GPU by 20% and 50% respectively. This will ensure a cooler phone and also make pictures and graphics look much better.

Battery Life

The iPhone6 has not paid much attention to increasing the battery life of its phone; the battery life will be about as much as the iPhone 5S that will allow you 11 hours of video playback, which seems to be pretty okay.


Now this is one thing that the iPhone has really outdone all the other phones, earlier the iPhone only offered storage space up to 32 GB, but now with its 128GB storage, the iPhone has become ideal for people who like to store a lot of music and videos in their phones and are on the go.

Final Verdict

There are a few ups and downs that the phone has and that perhaps is the only reason that the need to upgrade to the iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to well up inside, but what one should perhaps be asking oneself is a question that has put us all in dilemma is whether you should upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus instead?