Sometime back, Apple released the latest version of operating system for iPhone and iPad,  iOS 8, which went viral instantly. Majority of people have upgraded their iPhones to this latest version of operating system and are enjoying its amazing features. Apple has made a lot of advancements in this newest operating system but there are a few that come out as the best features of iOS 8.

best features of iOS 8



Here are some of the best features of iOS 8 that every user must be aware of:

Interactive Notifications

The Notification Center has become really interactive in this latest version of operating system. It is a place where you get to know about any alerts or new messages and you can now slide the items to the left in order to act on them without even opening the particular application in the menu. The user can even reply to the text message, dismiss or snooze the alarm.

Installation of Third Party Keyboard

In order to meet the demands of its users and to compete with other rivals in the market such as Android, Apple has introduced the feature in its new iOS 8 that helps the installation of keyboard replacements offered by various third parties online. This can be done by switching the keyboard settings in the Settings Menu.


Battery Monitoring

This feature is same as that in Android phones that makes you aware of what applications are consuming your phone’s battery the most. Simply go to Settings, General, Usage and Battery Usage, where you can see the detailed list of applications along with the battery life consumed by them.

Multitasking Email

Unlike in the old Apple iPhones using iOS 7 or older versions, you were not allowed to open more than one email at a time. It was obligatory to close the existing one to use another email in the inbox. But now, iOS 8 has made it possible to view more than one email simultaneously. You simply need to swipe down the message and can get back to the inbox.

Hands-free Siri

Just like various Android phones, iOS 8 has also made it possible to use Siri hands-free. No one would discover this feature on his own because it is disabled by default. Simply say “Hey Siri” and it will wake up to reply your question. Remember, do not take too much time to ask a question as it will time out and close down.