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Cubetto: Business Process Modelling App For Android & iPhone

Business Process Modeling Notation or BPMN gives a graphical representation of business processes. Making such models can be hard, especially using a smartphone or tablet, this is why the use of certain apps like Cubetto can make your task so much easier, with the utility to create business process models on the fly using your […]

Animated Flowchart Funnel Diagrams For PowerPoint

Flowcharts require specific symbols to demonstrate a process, whereas a funnel diagram is most commonly used for depicting the different stages for a sales process and the forecast for revenue that can be acquired from it. The Flow Chart Funnel Template for PowerPoint brings together the best of both worlds by giving an animated template […]

Animated Flow Chart PowerPoint Template

A Flow Chart lists down the steps of a complex activity with the aid of specific symbols that demonstrate the process in visual form from start to end. While there are a number of conventional flowchart PowerPoint templates that can be used for this purpose, sometimes it might be best to use a template that […]

Google Drawings Makes Drawing Online As Easy As It Can Be

If you have used Microsoft Paint or other rudimentary drawing apps, you would know that digital drawing can be a lot of fun. Moreover, you can also create illustrations and diagrams for official use, presentations, blog posts and the like. Google Drawings is yet another fine web app by Google, which makes online drawings a […]

Animated Diagram Flow Chart PowerPoint Template

Flow charts are important for displaying a technical process, using specific symbols which denote each step. Designing a flow chart in PowerPoint isn’t all that hard considering you can get all required symbols from the ‘Shapes’ menu in PowerPoint. However, it can take quite some time to create a flow chart diagram and making it look […]

Best Flowchart Templates For PowerPoint

If you have ever made a flowchart or tried your hands at making one, you would know how hard it can be to create a proper flowchart. Moreover, it can be extremely difficult to create flowcharts for presentations, as making your charts look neat and tidy can be nothing short of a herculean task. If […]

Create Flow Chart using SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010

Flow charts help you demonstrate different processes that are occurring. They are an excellent guide to have when you need to demonstrate different decisions involved in a process. With the introduction of SmartArt in the Microsoft PowerPoint, anyone can create a flow chart. SmartArt gives you flow chart templates in which you can add your […]