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Free Social Media Marketing Templates For PowerPoint

People engaged in the e-marketing business often require presenting their company portfolio and social media marketing strategy to potential and existing clients. If you are looking for an impressive social media marketing template for PowerPoint, then check out our suggested templates mentioned below.

Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template

When making presentations, a truck is perhaps one of the least likely template themes you would be looking for, unless your presentation is about transportation and freight. However, the Animated Transport Truck PowerPoint Template mentioned below is one fine presentation set that can help you create any type of presentation using interesting infographic layouts with truck […]

Best Free Technology PowerPoint Templates

Technology themed presentations are becoming more common in the wake of the rising use of computing devices. If you need to make a presentation on a technology related topic, then here are a few of our suggested Free Technology PowerPoint Templates.

Generate Help Text For Official Emails With Contactually Email Templates

When writing official emails one can often be at a loss for words. Mostly, the most confusing part is how to begin your email without looking awfully inappropriate. Contactually is a web app which provides email templates according to email type, to help you automatically generate text for your emails.

Animated Rotating Earth PowerPoint Template

World Grid is a PowerPoint template which depicts a rotating animation of Earth with grid lines. This animated rotating Earth PowerPoint template provides handy layouts with charts, clipart and a video animation of a rotating globe for making animated slides. This is a general purpose template which means you can use it for a variety […]

Hold Your Ground Animated PowerPoint Template

Keeping a project on track, without unnecessary delays, making sure a business venture gets done without any hiccups or ensuring that your competitor does not grab valuable market share from you is like having a tug of war. Hold Your Ground Animated PowerPoint Template is a general purpose template which can help you depict such […]

Interactive Infographic PowerPoint Template

In previous posts we have covered a number of templates which can be used for making infographic slides for PowerPoint presentations. We have also covered a comprehensive list of the Best infographic Maker Template for PowerPoint. In this post we will cover an interactive Infographic PowerPoint template which can be used for making animated infographic […]

Animated House PowerPoint Templates

People engaged in the real estate business might have to make a presentation to display different properties available for sale. Similarly, one might require making a presentation related to housing and real estate for academic use, for projecting trends in the housing market, etc. Here are Animated House PowerPoint Templates for making presentations related to […]

Animated Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template

Stormy water illustrations can be used for covering presentation topics ranging from sea navigation and weather patterns to topics tied to business, competitors, financial markets, etc. If you would like to use stormy waters as a metaphorical theme in your presentation, then you might find the Animated Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template to be perfect for […]

Animated Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Making a project roadmap presentation can be cumbersome. Not only is it hard to construct a roadmap presentation from scratch but you might also find it quite laborious to try to keep the presentation interesting enough to keep your audience awake.

Caveman Clipart And Video Animation For PowerPoint

For presentations that require some novelty, concepts like caves and caveman can help you symbolically present ideas with a fresh take on an old and boring topic. We have compiled some interesting Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as a customizable video animation that you can incorporate in your presentations related to business, technology, history […]

Animated Bank PowerPoint Templates

Banking and financial matters when presented in the form of presentations can be extremely boring and it can be hard to keep your audience interested. Therefore, animations, eye-catching visualizations and some humor can help you get the job done more effectively.