Corporate presentations require a formal theme, however, a plain and simple presentation can easily make your audience yawn. Hence, it is wise to use vibrant colors, with imagery that resonates with your subject matter. Here is our list of the Best Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates to help you make the most out of your corporate slides.

Corporate Business PowerPoint Template

With a simple, yet elegant layout, this corporate template has an eye-catching opening slide, followed by a simple layout for making slides with good use of white space.


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Corporate business template for PowerPoint

Corporate Headquarters PowerPoint Template

With a vibrant opening slide and four sample slides, this template offers a touch of glossy elegance to present your business presentations with a layout that doesn’t appear dull and monotonous.

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Corporate headquarters PowerPoint template

Global Business Trends PowerPoint Template

With a shiny globe depicted in the hand of a business professional, this slide deck opens with a very attractive title slide. The glossy image of the title slide is represented across other sample slides at the top, giving your content some visual appeal.

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Global business trends template for PowerPoint


Employee Orientation PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this is a template that you can use for employee orientation sessions. The template contains ten sample slides with different layouts and an image which resonates with employee orientation. Following the title slide, the template presents sample layouts for presenting the agenda, company history, management introduction, company policies, performance review, resources, employee benefits and a summary of the orientation.

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Employee orientation PowerPoint template

Vision and Targets PowerPoint Template

This template is meant for making vision and mission statements, presenting company targets and corporate strategies. The 12 sample slides present layouts for making timelines, roadmaps, diagrams depicting the corporate strategy and more.

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Vision and targets PowerPoint template

Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

An organizational chart is an important piece of information for any medium or large enterprise. You can create and present organizational charts with images of individuals presented in the hierarchy using this simple org chart template for PowerPoint.

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Picture organization chart PowerPoint template