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Enliven Your Wedding Day With A Memorable Speech

As you all must have heard of it, marriages are made in heaven. But, when time comes to solemnize the beautiful relationship of a much-in-love couple, there are mixed emotions. No one can deny that it is the most special and majestic moment of a person’s life, but still there is some kind of queasiness […]

3 Great Wedding Ceremony Ideas

For most people in the world getting married and having an exciting and an amazing wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience. These ceremonies vary vastly across different cultures, regions, religions and countries. Usually across almost all different cultures, wedding vows are exchanged, gifts are presented and it’s quite an elaborate affair.

What are Some Romantic Wedding Ceremony Speeches?

As they say that not everyone is blessed with the beautiful emotion of love. So, if you are lucky enough to have met your soul mate then make sure that your wedding day is the most amazing moment of your life.

5 Exciting Bridal Party Themes

Are you feeling nervous and stressed out amidst the wedding celebrations? Well, if yes, then how about a fun-filled bachelorette party where your girlie gang can assemble, let loose their hair and live the excitement of this beautiful occasion. Moreover, it is not just the bride who has to bear the responsibility of bridal shower, […]