For most people in the world getting married and having an exciting and an amazing wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience. These ceremonies vary vastly across different cultures, regions, religions and countries. Usually across almost all different cultures, wedding vows are exchanged, gifts are presented and it’s quite an elaborate affair.

“No two people are the same”. You might have heard this age old adage. Similarly, “No two wedding ceremonies can be the same.” There are many different ideas which you can incorporate to spruce up your wedding ceremony and make it that once in a lifetime experience that it deserves to be. So here are 3 great wedding ceremony ideas to make your event extraordinary and leave your guests in awe.

Wedding Ceremony

Ceremonial Speech

A great way to captivate your guests is by giving an exciting romantic speech. The best way to do that is to prepare your own speeches or wedding vows rather than picking something off the internet. So take your time and prepare a smashing speech for your loved one, something on the lines of how they affect your life and make you feel. This would definitely leave all your guests emotional and teary eyed.

Exciting New Locations

Since everyone gets married in a Church or a synagogue (depending on your religion), why not choose an exciting new location? How about an underwater wedding or if you are not that adventurous you can choose to get married at a beach or a scenic hill resort. Some people even decide on getting married in Las Vegas in a fake Elvis Presley wedding! The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild because this day is going to come only once, so make it as memorable as possible.

Different Seating

How many different weddings you must have gone to which have the same boring circular seating plan. Plus you can’t even pick your seats. So why not change all of this? Let your audience decide where they want to sit and why not change the seating arrangement from the same old monotonous circular plan? You can go for benches or even a backyard sort of seating with complete sofas and chairs.

You can add anything you like to make your ceremony special and one of a kind. Make it a different event and have everyone talking about it and even following your lead.