Are you feeling nervous and stressed out amidst the wedding celebrations? Well, if yes, then how about a fun-filled bachelorette party where your girlie gang can assemble, let loose their hair and live the excitement of this beautiful occasion. Moreover, it is not just the bride who has to bear the responsibility of bridal shower, but even her best buddies can plan a pre-wedding party that can add up to the fun and joy of your wedding day. Below listed is a collection of 5 bridal party themes.

Bridal Party Themes

1. Spa Shower: Wedding tiredness can be annoying for any bride and if you are a fashion freak as well then, you can go for a spa based theme. Then you can add some great props for your picture taking such hashtags where you can get from a bachelorette hashtag generator to make it more memorable and instagrammable. With all your friends around, you can spend the whole day at spa. Get haircut, massage, manicure, read magazines and of course, indulge in loads of gossip.

2. Food and Drinks are an Amazing Mix: If you want to keep it a bit formal, then there can be nothing better than exciting palates of your guests’ choice. Delicious food can be a great way of breaking ice and encouraging guests to communicate.

3. How About a Pajama Party: For all fun loving crazy gals, pajama party is a perfect fit to enjoy the moment without any worries. You can order food from your favorite place, watch movies, gossip and share the memories of good old days. You can even play exciting games or dance till late night. As bride’s friends, gifting sweet gifts is also appreciable to make her feel important.

4. Road Trip Bridal Party: May be you will not get the chance to travel solely with your friends in future. Therefore, you can plan an adventurous trip on the road or an amazing outing somewhere near the beaches or uphill.

There is an even better idea! When traveling on the road, you can explore different locations, enjoy loud music and take pictures to celebrate your togetherness.

5. Dance Party with a Twist: This is something really interesting for girls. You can plan out a pool party or lit a bonfire in the outdoors and tell your friends to dress up in a specific dress code. And of course, as music is the soul of every party, so don’t miss it.

Marriage puts an official end to the girl’s singlehood. So, make bridal shower party as special as you can so that it becomes a beautiful souvenir of unforgettable memories in your life.