Purchasing one of the most expensive iPhone apps may not guarantee that you will be able to edit MS Office files. Similarly, finding a good Android app that lets you create and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files is quite hard. Even harder is to edit and view such documents on a BlackBerry device. Smart Office 2 is a cross-platform mobile app that lets users create and edit MS Office files on iPhone, iPad, Android and even BlackBerry devices.

Smart Office 2

Better Features Than The Official Microsoft Office App For iOS

While it can be argued whether Smart Office 2 offers better features than our previously reviewed Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers app, however, there are a few points about this app that do standout. For example, unlike the official Microsoft Office app for iOS, you don’t have to pay a recurring office 365 subscription to use the app, as it can be bought for a meager amount for life. You can even try out its Lite version at Google Play and other variants available on  iTunes. Moreover, it provides Dropbox, Google Drive and Box integration, which are services more widely used than SkyDrive. At least we can argue that any user is likely to have a Dropbox or Google Drive account than SkyDrive.


Smart Office 2 For iPad

View, Create, Edit And Print Microsoft Office Files On Mobile or Tablet

Smart Office 2 can be used to view, create, edit and print Microsoft Office files on mobile devices and provides good document formatting options. This app also offers support for exporting MS Office documents as PDF files.

Create MS Office Files On Android

Support For Wide Range Of Printers And  AirPrint

The iOS version of this app also lets you print your work using AirPrint. With Smart Office 2 you can print to thousands of wireless printers belonging to 34 manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Epson and Samsung. This means that there is no need for installing a separate printing app.


Print MS Office Documents

You can also use the following apps for making presentations on mobile devices, CloudOn, Appafolio and OliveOfficeHD. Smart Office 2 has versions available for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

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