Appafolio is a web service and a cross platform mobile app for Android and iOS devices for creating interactive presentations, portfolios, brochures and catalogs. Moreover, Appafolio also has a separate version for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. One of the biggest benefits of using this app is that you can easily creating professionally looking content without the need for any type of coding. Whether you need to create an impressive portfolio or need to make a presentation that can standout from common PowerPoint slides, Appafolio can get it done for you. Creating interactive content via this app is as simple as it gets, just upload your photos, videos, add text and you’re good to go.


Creating Content With Appafolio

To create presentations, brochures, catalogs or portfolios using Appafolio you will first require signing up for a free account. Once done, you can login to begin creating your required content by selecting a title and proceeding with the given instructions. You can create “Folios” either from a mobile app or directly via a browser.


Select Title

After you have picked a title, you will be asked to select an icon and upload photos /videos to create your Folio. For example, you can upload photos of your brand or project, along with a video explaining your skills or the content being discussed in your presentation. You can then proceed to add a custom message to complete your content. If you are using the free version you will only be able to create 1 Folio with 5 screen sections and get 1 GB of cloud storage, whereas the paid versions allow you additional options like the ability to upload PDF files, more cloud storage space and Folios.

Add Photos, Videos And PDF

Share Folios Using The Web, Android, iPhone or iPad

Using Appafolio you can share content via a web browser or mobile apps by using a sharing URL. People can use this link to download and interact with your Folios and also save the content offline. This can be immensely useful for people looking to keep an offline copy of a professional portfolio, menu, inventory, presentation, etc. Hence, Appafolio provides a lot of flexible options for creating and sharing interactive content using nothing more than a smartphone, tablet or web browser.


Portfolio Made Using Appafolio

The basic package of Appafolio is free, however you can get up to 10GB cloud storage space, 10 screen sections, 5 Folios and other enhanced features by upgrading to the Plus account. The Plus account costs $5/month or $39.99/year. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Biz account for $100/month (along with $100 one time set up fee). The Biz account provides 10 Folios, 20 screen sections, 50 GB storage, custom titles and captions, e-Commerce links and more. Appafolio has applications for:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • Android
  • Kindle Fire

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