The Slant Design Animated PowerPoint Template is a flat design template with a mix of animated and static slides. The basic layouts of the template come in black, white and turquoise colors, with different types of handy sample slides.

Timeline and Infographic Slides

There are 14 slides in this slide deck, including static and animated slides. These slides provide infographic, timeline and content layouts that can be used for making professional presentations with ease.  You can use the animated slides to create animated presentations by simply adding content to the given placeholders.


slant design template

The extendable timeline sequence can be used to create an animated timeline by adding additional slides to the sample sequence. The default sequence consists of multiple slides that reveal the timeline horizontally, as you jump from one slide to the other.

extendable timeline

There are useful tooltips with editing instructions that guide presenters regarding how to edit the given presentation layouts. Using the fully editable slides, you can redesign entire slides or simply make use of the given sample slides to quickly create presentations that can help make your content more eye-catching.


picture and text slide

Animated Lists

There are also lists with pre-defined animations that can help you gradually reveal each part of your list before an audience. This can help you to present each part of your list in a set sequence, instead of reveal the complete list altogether. The latter can often be confusing for the audience, as many people might want to read the complete list beforehand instead of concentrating on what the presenter has to say. Hence, revealing information in your list one by one, upon mouse-click, in an animated sequence can be very helpful in keeping your audience onboard.

slant design animated powerpoint template

With a Keynote and PowerPoint version, this template can be helpful in making presentations with a minimalist flat design with eye-catching layouts and subtle animated sequences.

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