Many presenters don’t know about a default feature in PowerPoint which can enable them to share PowerPoint slides online with their audience. This feature is called the Office Presentation Service. Over the years there have been a number of third-party services which introduced a similar service of their own, with a number of additional features not offered by PowerPoint by default. One such service is SlideFlight.



Share PowerPoint Slides During Live Presentations

With the SlideFlight add-in for PowerPoint, you can share your slides Live with your audience. These slides can be accessed using web browser or the iOS or Android apps offered by SlideFlight. You will require downloading and installing this add-in on your computer, after which you will get a new tab with slide sharing features. Let’s take a look at each feature in detail.

SlideFlight add-in for PowerPoint

Login to Begin Sharing Slides

The first thing you would want to do after installing the add-in is to go to the SlideFlight tab and click on SlideFlight Account to login. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up from the pop-up window that will appear once you select this option.

Register to login


Exclude Slides from Shared Presentation

The Exclude Slides option enables you to exclude certain slides from your presentation. This is one of the features you don’t get with the Office Presentation Service.

Exclude slides

Set Duration for Sharing Your Slides

You can set a duration for sharing your slides by specifying a date via Settings. This section also enables presenters to decide upon which slide would they like to show the instructions for the audience to view slides online. Usually, it might be a good choice to provide these instructions on the first slide.

Set duration for sharing slides


Publish to Start Presentation

Once everything is ready, click Publish Presentation. This will upload your slides and create a read only copy which will be used for your presentation. This means that your original presentation will be preserved in its original form and a modified version will appear on-screen, with one (or more) of the slides containing instructions for your audience to connect to SlideFlight to view your slides.

Start presentation

This read only copy of your presentation will also have slide viewing instructions for your audience on your designated slide (e.g. first slide). The below screenshot shows these instructions. Basically, your audience can go to the SlideFlight website, enter the given code and start viewing your slides via web browser. Alternatively, your audience can also use the SlideFlight Android or iOS apps to view slides during your Live presentation.

Share slides online with SlideFlight

Here is an example of how you can use a web browser to view slides presented via SlideFlight. We used the Safari browser on an iPhone device to view presentation slides launched via a demo presentation deck.

View shared slides


Share the Direct Link for Your Slides on Social Media

SlideFlight add-in also gives handy options for instantly sharing your presentation slides via direct link across social media websites or via email.

Sharing link for presentation slides on social media

SlideFlight has many features similar to other services like Preso TV, with a few unique features of its own. While SlideFlight is a paid add-in, you can use it on a 30-day trial basis for free to test drive its features.

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