Are you looking for ways to share PowerPoint, Word and PDF presentations online quickly and get feedback on them? Preso is a popular web application that can help you to share your presentations in an efficient manner.

Share presentations online with Preso


Following are some of the things that you need to know about this amazing web application for efficient and reliable sharing of PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents:

Upload a PowerPoint, Word or PDF Document

When you want to share a presentation with Preso, you just need to follow these steps. Firstly, you need to upload a file in PowerPoint, Word or PDF format. This can be conveniently done from the Preso website, by sharing via your Dropbox or Google Drive account or by using the Preso app for iOS.

Share Document Online

The document will be processed in no time. Preso enables easy sharing of the presentations on smart phones, tablets and computers in real-time, anywhere in the world. It is a hassle free way to present and broadcast your presentations.

Initiate Google Hangouts from Preso

Using Preso in Google Hangouts brings along a number of advantages for the users. Users are enabled to initiate a Google Hangouts call directly from the Preso home page. Also, sharing a document in PDF, word or PowerPoint in a Hangout video using simple drag and drop functionality is very simple and easy. Users can invite participants to join the call and view the presentation in real-time which is an added advantage of using this app.


Present Presentations from Preso Web or Mobile App

This web app also provides you with a remarkable feature where users are able to navigate the presentation without leaving or switching between browser windows and can halt the presentation anytime.

Another characteristic offered by this app allows the presenter to zoom in or out on the presented document, as well as pan and highlight a specific part of it, making the presentation attractive and interactive in front of the target audience. In addition, this web application allows the users to simultaneously share their presentations on a projector or via a smartphone or tablet.

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