Share Bucket is a free Mac app for capturing, editing and sharing screenshots online, as well as other types of files, via famous cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive And SkyDrive. The default screenshot taking functionality of Mac can be deemed quite inadequate and conventional screenshot taking apps seem quite ordinary. On the contrary, Share Bucket provides a unique functionality of not just allowing to capture and edit screenshots, but also the utility of sharing screenshots and other types of files online.

Share Bucket


Share Screenshots And Other Types Of Files

Share Bucket is quite similar to the Thunder app, which is quite useful for sharing various types of files online, which includes even PowerPoint Presentations. However, Share Bucket arguably provides better features than Thunder, especially for capturing and managing screenshots on Mac.

Share Screenshots And Other Types Of Files

Edit And Annotate Screenshots

With Share Bucket you can edit and annotate screenshots using shapes, text, lines and arrow tools. You can also blur out parts of the captured screenshots. This app supports editing for image formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF and interestingly, also for PDF Files.

Edit And Annotate Screenshots On Mac


Quickly Upload Files To Dropbox, Google Drive And SkyDrive Using Share Bucket

You can upload files by simply dragging and dropping them to Menu Bar icon of Share Bucket. Other than the Mac Menu Bar, you can also click on any file within Finder and share it via Share with Share Bucket option. Furthermore, you can also set the app to upload standard Mac OS X screenshots to your desired cloud service. As mentioned earlier, Share Bucket supports Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive for cloud storage. Another good feature of this app is that shared links are automatically shortened and copied to clipboard for quick sharing (e.g. over a messenger or via email by pasting the link).

Quickly Upload Files To Dropbox, Google Drive And SkyDrive

The above mentioned features arguably make Share Bucket as one of, if not the best app to capture, edit and share screenshots on Mac. Share Bucket is available at the Mac App Store and works with Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later.

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