Presenters use timers to track the time during the rehearsal of a presentation or during the presentation session. Timers are very helpful. While there are some presentations that need to strictly adhere to the timing, other presentations are more flexible, but rehearsing the presentation with a timer before increases the chances to make the presentation fit within the required timing.


To track the time, a physical stopwatch can be used, however nowadays it is common to use a digital stopwatch or the clock available in Presenter View (in PowerPoint)

Here are some ideas to set a timer for 10 minutes presentation. This can be adjusted to any desired time.

Use the Google Timer widget


Use a PowerPoint Timer Addin

There are many add-ins for Microsoft Office available in the market. By using an add-in you can enhance the functionality of Microsoft Office programs. The TM Timer add-in is one of these add-ins that will add a timer to Office.

Other ideas include:

  • Set Slide Duration in PowerPoint
  • Animate the slide with a countdown timer

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