It’s hard to remember how many times I had to raise my hands in class to answer a question. However, what’s certain is that raising hands is more common than we tend to acknowledge. Raise Your Hands is a PowerPoint Template that comes with animations of raised hands.

Recolor and Redesign Sample Slides

The title slide depicts a number of colorful hands raised in the air with space for adding title for the slide deck. You can even change the colors of the hands or redesign the whole slide by moving around the hands in the slide.


Make Infographics & Animated Slides

This animated slide deck depicts different layouts with hands raised in the air. You can use these editable layouts for making infographics or use the animated content in its original form to create animated slides. You can generate animated slides by simply adding your own content to the given placeholders.

Countdown Slide Sequence

There is also a countdown slide sequence which depicts each slide with a finger(s) raised in the air. The countdown starts with one finger, followed by two, three, four and five fingers. There are placeholders for adding a title, subtitle and main body content for each slide.


Suitable for Any Topic

There are also one and two column layouts for text-heavy slides. The total 10 sample slides give a good enough deck for making slides according to need by editing the default content. You can use this template for any presentation topic since it’s a general-purpose presentation template.

The Raise Your Hands Template has versions for both PowerPoint for PC and Mac, as well as a KEY file for Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Raise Your Hands Template for PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Raise Your Hands Template for PowerPoint (Widescreen)