Project Sleek is a presentation template for making presentations to showcase your projects. The template has a metallic, modern design with replaceable sample content and editable slide objects to help you make presentations with pre-defined animated sample slides. Project Sleek Presentation Template for PowerPoint serves as a uniquely designed deck with a mix of images and text to better communicate ideas using visuals.

Sleek Presentation Template


Animated Sample Slides

There are sample slides with images and placeholders. Furthermore, the animated slides load with animations which make the template more visually appealing. You can add your own images, infographics, charts, tables and text to create animated slides to discuss your project. The animations work automatically with the added content. You can also go to the Animations Pane in PowerPoint to see how the animations have been sequenced in slides.

Project Sleek

Redesign Sample Slides

There are some sample images of a drone which can be replaced with your own pictures. To change a sample picture, right-click the image and select Change Picture. You can also reorder some elements or remove them to add your own infographics, charts and tables. Additionally, you can also recolor slide elements to add some color to the light metallic design in the slides.

Sleek Presentation Template for PowerPoint


Simple Layouts for Making Infographics

Using some of the sample slides you can easily create infographics. You can replace the sample pictures, add a title for each section and optionally, a brief description. This can help you make use of some visuals to easily explain complex details. Since the template uses whitespace and a light metallic color tone, your content can be easily highlighted by using the given placeholders.

Sleek Infographics

Compatible with both Windows and Mac variants of PowerPoint, this animated template can be downloaded from the developer’s website via the links given below.

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