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Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template

Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template



Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template containing different types of Hockey Stick shapes. These shapes can be used to model a presentation where we need to present a startup growth following the hockey-stick shape. As we did with other curved shapes, like the s-shape curve, j-shaped curve, or the l-shaped curve, in this case the hockey-stick shape curve can help to represent the growth seen in some startups that have an impressive growth in a specific period. These are the cases like Uber, AirBnB, etc.

What is a Hockey Stick Growth?

Hockey stick growth is a popular term used in the business world to describe a revenue growth pattern that many startups have followed. By modeling the business growth with a hockey stick curve, we can outline where the startup begins, their first years hustling, and then an inflection point toward an impressive growth. The turning point is where the company starts to grow impressively, and when there’s no turning back.

Hockey Stick Growth PowerPoint template

With a template like this you can model a business hockey-stick growth easily in PowerPoint. The hockey-stick growth template is also compatible with Google Slides.

Hockey Stick Curve

The hockey-stick PowerPoint template contains different hockey stick shapes modeled as PowerPoint graphics. You can resize the shapes without losing image quality, or change its colors.

Hockey Stick Illustration

If you need to represent the startup growth rate in a presentation, let’s say while preparing a pitch deck to a group of investors, the hockey stick growth template can be used effectively.

The hockey stick growth has different stages, normally known as the tinkering, the blade years, the growth inflection point and the surging growth with revenue.

  • Tinkering: here is where startups look at their business idea with commitment. In this phase the entrepreneurs commit to developing the idea into a business and executing it.
  • Blade years: This phase is involved during the first 3 or 4 years of hustling. Here the entrepreneurs are fully committed to work full-time in the project startup. The increase in revenue is not highly noticed.
  • Growth inflection point: Here is where you notice the growth starts to happen, the business model is working and you get a product-market fit. The revenue levels jump toward scaling your company.
  • Surging growth: In the final stage, known as the surging growth, your company’s revenue climbs and your business starts to scale with an impressive growth.

Next time you need to present a hockey stick growth to an audience, consider to use the free hockey stick PowerPoint template and its illustrations to create it.


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