Free Startups PowerPoint Templates

Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template

Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template containing different types of Hockey Stick shapes. These shapes can be used to model a presentation where we need to present a startup growth following the hockey-stick shape. As we did with other curved shapes, like the s-shape curve, j-shaped curve, or the l-shaped curve, in […]

The Startups Pyramid Diagram for PowerPoint

This simple The Startups Pyramid DiagramĀ for PowerPoint is based on the work of Sean Ellis showing the process of growth in a startup. Inside this simple PowerPoint presentation template you can find a 3-segment pyramid and 5-segment pyramid representing the Startups Pyramid concept introduced by Sean Ellis for startup growth. The basic pyramid includes 3 […]

Business Life Cycle Diagram for PowerPoint

Free Business Life Cycle Diagram for PowerPoint presentations is a single slide template for Microsoft PowerPoint with the business maturity graph also known as Business Life Cycle Diagram. You can download this free template for PowerPoint presentations to use the maturity or business life cycle diagram in presentations on business plans, as well as generating […]